The High Energy Physics group at Simon Fraser University is interested in hadron collider physics at the highest available energies. We investigate matter at the smallest scales to better understand nature's fundamental constituents and interactions. Our group currently plays a leading role in the ATLAS experiment at CERN, and has previously worked with the DØ and CDF experiments at Fermilab.


The SFU physics department has a strong program in experimental particle physics, and we are always interested to hear from prospective graduate students. Current and possible thesis topics include:

  • Search for the Higgs particle in tau channels at ATLAS
  • Search for new high-mass resonances at ATLAS
  • Search for new physics in MET+jets at ATLAS
  • Search for supersymmetry in inclusive channels
  • The top quark as a window to new physics at ATLAS
  • Two-jet production at the LHC

Please contact us for more details!